Our business, Our process,  is entirely about transformation.

Our customers upload digital images to us, even from their phones and we produce simple,

yet amazingly elegant pieces of imagery to hang up and enjoy.

 We can certainly do the same with already-printed posters, prints and photos.

All possibilities and transition are limited only by the  imagination.

Mona’s strives to be much more than just a business driven by profit. We aim to create products that add beauty and joy to clients’ lives, connect people and other local businesses in the communities we do business in and  develop meaningful, far-ranging business training coupled with artistic and business opportunity to employees.

With regard to our employees, we seek to provide opportunities to learn many elements of business – be it a Mona’s Art to Go facility, or any other enterprise that speaks to them.  As our needs require and permit, we hire and train those with a deep and strong motivation set, who may not have traditional backgrounds in business, but have shown the desire and drive to use their best efforts to succeed, despite any curves life may have thrown them.

Mona’s Art to Go cooperates with many different people and programs.  We strive to support all ages and disabilities, while adamantly maintaining an open policy to all who simply desire an opportunity to develop and  create within a context of positive, human, transition.   We believe we owe it to ourselves to provide keenly motivated individuals with opportunities to confirm their will to not just  lead productive, fulfilling lives, but to support  the path of their innate humanity.   When possible, the company will strive to provide experienced and qualified employees with opportunities for  professional growth both within Mona’s and even outside the company, in their own business.