An Exciting Business: Opportunities


Having  been exposed to our products and business in some way,  you know there is great potential for it,  all within the marketplace of your region.  Let’s work together to answer your questions and get you started with our business.


An Introduction

The prequel business to the current Mona’s Art to Go® in Steamboat Springs and Denver, Colorado, began more than 20 years ago with its roots in trade show display making.

Since then, under the ongoing guidance of The UnFramer®’s founder,  the business has been able to establish itself smartly and quickly wherever it has started up.  It has made  impressive inroads in totally new, previously unserviced markets with its hip style, delightful, simple product mix and innovative marketing.

Monas Final Rendering One webSmallerThe name The UnFramer® was added more recently as a strong, self-descriptive name which appeals to a broader audience.  This name matches the simple cleanliness of the product.  It was added with forethought of the franchise system’s development.

Distinct and unique, the names Mona’s Art to Go® and The UnFramer® identify and qualify the product mix of our franchise.  Federal Trademark law affords us protection for

Mona’s Art to Go® and The UnFramer®.

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Our Simple Products, Our Simple Philosophy


Describing the look of the products and giving them and the business a properly identifying name was found to be key.

Similar only to picture framing in the fact that it customarily ends up on a wall, our product relates to traditional picture framing, but is definitely not the same.

With its clean edges and no glass, our product has enormous appeal. Our process does not include a frame or mat and as such, it eliminates many common objections that arise when trying to match a number of presentation elements to the graphic.

The floating mount (our most popular style with the hidden back frame) with the thin-mounted art floating out from the wall, presents the poster or print in a way that puts the graphic front and center and removes distractions.

The special “optically correct” UV matte finish we apply over the print helps deliver such depth that our customers describe it as having a “wow factor”.   To that end, in our marketplace we are happily contrary, clean, simple, uncomplicated and unpretentious.

Our products have very unique looks and represent exceptional value for the retail customer.



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Franchise Downloads

UnFramer Info Letter With Disclaimer 

Franchise Application


Early Development Sketches

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